Interior Painting Prescott

Painting the interior of your home is a great way to bring new life to the inside of your home. Update the existing inside look of your entire home with the interior painting services from Covered By Grace Painting. We take our time at each step of the painting process, to provide you with a perfectly finished project. It takes the time we provide to make sure your walls have a smooth, clean finish.

No company is as skilled and detailed oriented as CBG Painting when it comes to finishing doors, closets, ceilings or baseboards. We are in no hurry when it comes to pre-painting preparations, application and clean-up. Contact us today for more information.

Before any painting gets started we are always sure to: 

  • Fix any drywall imperfections
  • Apply tape for crisp lines and cut-ins
  • Cover any furniture or floors with plastic
  • Apply primer and stain blocker as needed
  • Clean the area and walls before painting

We are professionals. Experienced and seasoned, however we are only has good as the equipment and products we use. Covered By Grace is a proud Dunn Edwards user. We use the best quality paint, materials, brushes and tools to ensure your project turns out to be exactly what you had envisioned.